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Efficient CB Radio Repair and Installation

Does your CB radio transmit and receive five to ten miles everytime? If not, something is wrong and we can fix it. Contact your CB radio repair and installation service to get your job done efficiently.

 •  Vibration damage

 •  Microphone switch replacement

 •  Microphone rewiring

 •  Replacing meter lights

 •  Upgrades to the receive and transmit sections of your radio

 •  Echo boards installations

 •  And more

CB Radio Repair Services

If you need a new CB radio or CB radio part installed, you can count on us. Our technicians have over 40 years of experience.


At CB Radio Stores in Fontana, CA, we are honest and fair. You can trust our repairs and installations. In addition to our installations and repairs, we also offer CB radio sales and have various CB radio parts.

CB Radio Installation and More

Call for the best quality repair work:


We service any make or model of CB radio!



 •  Antennas

 •  Coax replacement

 •  Invertors

 •  Ham radio equipment

 •  Temporary installation for travelers and U Haul

 •  Motorcycle Antennas

 •  and anything electronic

CB Radio Installation Services

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