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CB Radio Store

Quality CB Radio Parts

Are you looking for a specific CB radio part? We have everything from quality brackets to antennas. Contact your CB radio sales service to speak with our CB radio parts expert to find the part you need. You can rest assured you'll get guaranteed results.

 •  Brackets

 •  Antennas

 •  Stud mounts

 •  Power cords

 •  Mic cords

 •  Gear Keeper Microphone Retractors

 •  Lights

 •  Face plates accessories nobs and lights

We Have All the Necessary Supplies

Are you looking for an affordable high-quality CB radio part? Look no further! At CB Radio Store in Southern, CA, we carry antennas from Wilson, Francis, Big Al, Little Al, Fire Stick, Firefly and K-40.


You will also find the best brands for CB radio sales and you can trust us to install new brands with our professional 

CB radio repair and installation services.

Top-Quality Brands Available

Call us to check the availability of any specific part:


Every product purchased from us is backed by our complete satisfaction guarantee.

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